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tvguide.jpg on the cover of tv guide!

can't get much more kitsch than that, now kinya? i love this show. it's a guilty pleasure, yes, but it's a pleasure nonetheless! i love this show! and while i thought mrs. vonhuben and i were the only fans, i was so wrong. apparently, there is a tasty little following. according to tim goodman of the san fran chronicle:

If the television gods have anything to do with it, "Arrested Development" will be the new "Seinfeld." Now, that's not a title to blithely toss around. But rarely has there been a comedy so fully developed, so presently overlooked, as to be exactly the kind of gem where, in two years and a billion magazine covers and countless paeans to its inherent brilliance, we'll all look back in amazement at the series' first tragically ignored season and think, wow, how did we miss that?

click here for the whole kit n' caboodle.


Just a few more hours.......yippee. Gotta get all my little ducks in order so I can kick back and have a (relatively) guilt-free evening of TV.



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