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Straight Couples Kicked Out Of Gay-Friendly Hotel In Key West

The group, most of whom are from San Diego, was already settled in their rooms Wednesday when the manager told the straight couples they would have to leave, citing a policy of not allowing heterosexuals on the property, Pirih said.

The couples were kicked out the same day six same-sex couples sued in Key West in an attempt to overturn state laws banning gay marriage.



Where's the ACLU outrage over this flagrant violation of Equal Protection? Oh, wait, breeders aren't a protected class. Oh, we're not sure that they're breeders even though they're straight? Oh dear, this does get complicated.

I still await the howls of outrage that some of our citizens have been denied Equal Protection.

I think it's important to note that the Gay & Lesbian Community Center in Key West didn't approve of the hotel's decision, and said that discrimination was discrimination regardless of whether or not it was against heterosexuals or homosexuals.

oh yes, i failed to mention that the gay and lesbian community center of key west, that paragon of morality, not to mention good breeding, oops, they can't breed can they? oh well, they thought it was tacky, too. sorry.

LOL, point. I just find it amusing that the GLCC of Key West, immoral as it is, still found the actions of the hotel wrong. It just goes to show that there's a whole 'nother level of wacky that we haven't even seen yet.

amen to that, brother nathan!



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