Tuesday Mornin Fun

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Play Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character

It guessed I "was" Gabe Kotter's wife!!


I was Jill Taylor from Home Improvements! I think that is actually pretty close to me....my old next door neighbors said they thought she was ripped off directly from my life.

did y'all read the directions? it asks you to pretend that you're a tv personality and have that person in mind when you begin the game, and then it guesses the tv personality you are pretending to be. played that way, it correctly guessed my pre-chosen starlette, ginger from gilligan's island.

But what if I WANTED to be Jill Taylor????? {tee hee!}

More fun to answer it as me and see who I'd be!

I used to get Ariel Sharon on this exam. This time I got Sgt. Schultz.

well, MamaT, i don't want to tell you who i am if i do it as myself!

Tell, Smock, tell!

you'll laugh!

Gads, I once spent two hours on that website! I did manage to stump it once by pretending to be Darlene from Roseanne.



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