100 tidbits, the final installment

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19. i was baptized in the Spirit when i was seven years old.
18. i was baptized in water when i was twenty-one.
17. i have a soft spot for LDS but not for JW; the blank stare wigs me out.
16. i have a tender heart towards people struggling with same-sex attractions.
15. but, i donít have patience for people who bring 16 items into an express lane.
14. iím anti-tattoo. i donít care how many mommies have them, theyíre tacky.
13. i donít read as much as i want to read.
12. i have an obsessive/compulsive personality. i prefer to be called capricious.
11. iím also bold and sassy. yes, more synonyms, but for what?
10. i confess, i read the nanny diaries (kraus & mclaughlin). i laughed my fanny off and i cried.
9. while in college, i worked as a nanny. i laughed my fanny off and i cried.
8. i'm married to an honest to goodness musician who does not appreciate my taste in music.
7. prolly cuz i enjoy show tunes, lounge music, techno-trance & disco.
6. i've always worn lots of black. i'm starting to enjoy colors.
5. i actually enjoy frequenting the Sacrament of Confession.
4. heaven help us all, i am "ouiser boudreaux."
3. i fear the pains of hell, but i'm frighteningly unscrupulous.
2. i'm drawn to mystical theology, but i'm not even in the courtyard of The Interior Castle.
1. which is why i'm so grateful Our Lord is patient and has a beautiful sense of humor.


After I had Claire, a friend dropped off a few books that were light reads. The Nanny Diaries was one of them. I started reading tidbits from it to Kenny. Then he started reading it and we were competing for book time. I remember laughing out loud, it was really funny.

it's good to hear from you, mrs. s. while the "diaries" are a fun read, any mama with half a heart can't help but feel sick knowing that they aren't too far off the mark!
we are blessed to be with our babies.

I have to ask what an "ouiser boudreaux" is? My maiden name is Boudreaux so my curiousity is piqued.



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