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Here's a link to that article on Touchstone about Philip Pullman series of books. I seem to have read something else as well. I'll see if I can hunt it down.

Paradise Denied by Leonie Caldecott

I cannot comment personally on the series, since I have not read it. But I do not, in general, find Touchstone to be an overly hysterical publication. So, take and read for what it's worth.


Thanks so much for these postings. I never linked Pullman's books to reality, but apparently even he, himself has announced he _intended_ to portray our, real Christianity negatively in his worlds. What I remember so fondly is the people giving up their own lives and happiness for others... kind of like Beanpole in John Christopher's White Mountain books giving up his life to save the others.

I should re-read my Pullman now that I'm becoming Catholic.

Thanks again for the kind postings. :)

Dear MamaT,

Back when all the brouhaha was over the deplorable DaVinci Code I kept insisting that these were far more damaging. They are so because they are very nicely written and quite appealing. They may be too sublte for their target audience; however the dangerous and unfortunate part is the brighter young people will "get it" and the message phrased in terms of rebellion and rights has a frighteningly great propensity of damage. People who are up in arms about Harry Potter should take a gander at these--the real threat because the are both better written and carry a serious and destructive agenda.





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