MamaT's third set of trivial bits

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60. I love to do decorative painting.
59. I am actually pretty good at it.
58. I love sports. Hockey, baseball, football, skating, swimming, gymnastics, the OLYMPICS! Basketball doesnít make my radar screen. I read the sports page every day.
57. I hate to shop for clothes. I love to shop for books!
56. Half Price Books,, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon are like crack cocaine to me. I have NEVER walked out of Half Price Books without something in my hand.
55. I have been Catholic for seven years as of this Easter Vigil.
54. Before that I was a Disciple of Christ and before that an Episcopalian.
53. Thomas Howardís Evangelical is Not Enough was pivotal in setting my feet on the path to Rome.
52. Surprised by Truth and Catholicism and Fundamentalism were also influential.
51. We considered Orthodoxy before we became Catholic.
50. I love Benediction. I love Compline.
49. I am an Easter Vigil junkie. Thereís nothing else like it.
48. I am also a hymn junkie. Even though I canít sing, the hymns are a very important part of the worship experience for me.
47. My three favorites are: "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent", "Alleluia Sing to Jesus", and "Amazing Grace".
46. I am that wretch that the song is about.
45. I want "Wheat That Springeth Green" sung at my funeral.
44. I have little patience for whining especially when itís me doing the whining.
43. I arrived for my freshman year of college carrying a minnow bucket with goldfish in it.
42. I am the treasurer of my parish.
41. I am also the Altar Guild Directress.


I think that you're wrong...I'm the wretch! God knows the truth and allows the word wretch because you really can't say anything worse than that in church.

mamaT is fibbin. well, sorta. she is sooo much more to our parish than she is admitting. she failed to mention how humble she is about her holiness!



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