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I found this via my library's web site. It is an online "preview reading" group. You go to the website, select what kind of books you like from the genres listed, and then M-F they send you a chapter a day from a book. You read the equivalent of 3 or 4 chapters over the course of the week. Then, if you are interested in continuing, you can go check it out of the library. I've signed up for the nonfiction, fiction and mystery lists. Sometimes I can tell from the first chapter that I'm not interested, so I just delete for the rest of the week, knowing that a new book will start on the following Monday.

Since I'm signed up through my library website, if I want to reserve the book after reading a few chapters, there is a link back to my home library's catalog. If you sign up through this main website, that option is not available.

Anyway, check it out!

Dear Reader book clubs


I signed up for that a couple of weeks ago and haven't ever managed to sit here and read any of them. I prefer to read off the computer.



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