You gotta love it!


...Listening to the Texas Honky Tonk radio show Sunday night while working on parish financial reports, I heard a song I'd never heard before. Made me snort my Fresca right up my nose. I mean, honestly, how many songs are there with a title anything like "You Mangled My Dog"? Sung by Terri Hendrix, here are the lyrics:

You Mangled My Dog
Don Metz

Out of state license plates
Mercedes Benz
A slick city lawyer
And his slick city friends
Came down my road
Like a train on the tracks
And left my poor dog
In a ditch on his back

I jumped in my pick-up
And I followed that car
I met them just after
They'd stopped at the bar
I slid in behind them
And this lawyer turned red
I grabbed his silk necktie
And here's what I said

You mangled my dog
You son of a bitch
You left him for dead
On his back in a ditch

You miserable coward
You never turned back around
Now I'll do to you
What you did to my hound

Well he stammered and he stuttered
Some lame brain excuse
He looks to his friends
But it weren’t any use
He figured for certain
He was gonna get hurt
So he grabbed a fat billfold
Out from under his shirt

He counted out 50's
And 20's and 10's
I said "Hey, keep countin"
"We could get to be friends"
I left him 5 dollars
Outta all that he owned
I jumped in my truck
And headed back down the road

He mangled my dog
That son of a bitch
He left him for dead
On his back in a ditch
500 dollars
Won’t ever repay
What he did to my dog
.....but it sure as hell helps

I get back to my place
And wasn't I pleased
To see my mutt
On the porch scratchin' his fleas
He scratched as he waited
As he snapped at a fly
For the next big city car
To come barreling by

(Repeat Chorus)

Now 500 dollars
Won’t ever repay
What you he did to my dog
....happens three times a day.

Now THAT'S a Texas song!!!



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