19th book of 2004 finished!

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Finished The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley last night. Reading time has been limited lately, so this took longer than it should. While the story was sweet enough, I thought the fantasy was very heavy handed. Maybe that's just a Victorian thing. I did, however, like Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid. Especially when Tom thought he was going to get a sweet treat and got a rock dropped into his mouth instead, since that was what he had been doing to the anemones (I think) to torment them.

Picked up 2 interesting books at the used book store the other day (although both the books I bought were inexpensive NEW books): The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, which I have never read before, and one of my favorites from my childhood, Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter. (And yes, I also loved Freckles, but they didn't have it!)


19 books!!! Good for you Mama T!!

But I double dog dare ya to read the new Clinton Book!! ;)

Not on your life! Even folks who normally fawn all over him are saying that the book is eye-crossingly boring for most of its length.

Best line I've read? Something like: It's like having a very gregarious person read you his date book line by line by line.....

Did you know that Kingsley was the fellow who impugned Cardinal Newman's integrity, provoking the latter to write his Apologia Pro Vita Sua?



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