from wishy washy archbishops Good Lord deliver us

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The archdiocese of Boston actually called the church where Sin. John
Kerry was going to Mass on Easter and reassured the pastor it was OK to
give Kerry Communion because Archbishop Seán Patrick O'Malley has not
yet taken a stand. Thus Kerry received the Eucharist.

Your help is needed to stop this sacrilege. Please go to Catholic-
to see what is at stake.

According to Canon Law, a bishop not only has the right but the duty to
stop a grave sinner from committing sacrilege and scandal. It is
obvious Kerry has "gravely harmed public morals" (Canon 1369) by
repeatedly and publicly defying Church doctrine on abortion.

Sign a petition urging Archbishop O'Malley to instruct his priests and teach the faithful the truth.


Hear Our Prayer.

Donna is better person than I am. My first thought was, "Moron."

Canon 915 addresses more than the Bishop, it addresses the priest and EEM who give communion. In fact a Bishop could not order that the priest had to give Communion to a public sinner. The official interpretation of this Canon by the Vatican addressed refusing Communion to those who remarried without benefit of Communion. It would certainly apply to those who publicly support abortion.

Thank you for putting up this petition, and for your strong moral stand against profanation of the Eucharist.

God bless.



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