killer condoms: yet one more reason contracepting is a bad idea

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Study Reveals Condoms are Carcinogenic
BERLIN, May 31, 2004 ( - Most condoms contain a potent carcinogen, N-Nitrosamine, a German research facility revealed Friday. Of 32 types tested, 29 contained the cancer-causing chemical at highly elevated levels, up to three times what could be found in food, the study showed.

Study scientists, who conducted the research at The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, said "N-Nitrosamine is one of the most carcinogenic substances," as reported by the Reuters news service. "There is a pressing need for manufacturers to tackle this problem," the scientists recommended.

The chemical's purpose is to increase the elasticity of latex rubber, and is released when a condom comes in contact with body fluids.

source: LifeSite (click here for this article's page)


Gee, do you think this will finally stop the era of Salvation By Contraception(TM)? (No, I really don't think so... people won't stop having sex because of AIDS, so why would they stop contracepting because of cancer?)

you're right, nathan, of course. but, it's worth a shot, dontcha think? i hope so. (thanks for stopping by, you sweet rascal!)



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