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Think of an 8 oz. bottle of sunscreen as having 8 single servings. 1 oz. is the amount you need to properly protect your body.

Apply sunscreen ahead of time -- 15 to 20 minutes before hitting the beach. It takes about that long for it to be fully absorbed into the skin.

Sunscreen has a time limit of about 2 hours. In one study, people who waited just a half hour longer to reapply it had a five times greater chance of getting sunburned!

Most-often missed spots -- backs of legs, skin at edges of the bathing suit, the hairline, tops of feet and ears.

A white cotton T-shirt provides an SPF of about 5, while a black T-shirt has an SPF of about 20. (And is HOTTER, too, but hey...I'm just reporting the facts.)

Protect your eyes, especially if they're blue or green, with dark lenses that have UV protection.

Moms beware -- 90% of chronic skin damage happens before the age of 19, so make sure your children are properly protected.

Don't forget to wear a hand lotion with SPF protection because even hands resting on a steering wheel are being exposed to damaging UV rays.

Don't buy into the tanning bed myth. Tanning beds are not safer than sun exposure. UVB and UVA rays are UVB and UVA rays regardless of how you are exposed to them. UV damage is UV damage, period.


Any tips on getting a toddler to wear her UV sunglasses? Or at least a hat?

Zooey wears both because Dad does -- sometimes only if Dad is home wearing them. But I can't get Edyn to keep a hat on her head or sunglasses over her beautiful big blue eyes.

Sunscreen they don't have a choice about. But they pull off the hats & sunglasses when I'm not in arm's reach. Siiigh...

hmmm...i wonder if there is a patron for this quandary.

Oof - tops of feet. I wore sandals without socks to an airshow, where one stands and looks at the sun all day. Ouch.



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