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WorldNetDaily: Planned Parenthood gives kids 'porn' book

Here's a paragraph:

Parents were not permitted to attend the conference, which was limited to children in the fifth through ninth grades, ages 10-14, Sedlak said.

Of course one CAN'T let those nasty, reactionary parents in! They might not approve of the "line drawings" of couples having sex and a boy with a condom on. And they might not want their preteens to read a "how to" on masturbation. They're just not "with it" you know. They don't know that sex doesn't really MEAN anything, it's all just fun and games, ya know?? And any nasty little "surprise" that happens because 13 year olds are notoriously unreliable using birth control? Well, we can "take care of" that little "problem." It's your RIGHT to have sex, remember? No matter HOW young you are!


You know, here's my fear. We're beginning to reach a generation of kids whose parents really DON'T see anything wrong with the above, because it's how they've lived their whole lives! The last bastion of parents who believed "good girls (and admittedly, and shamefully, to a lesser extent good boys) DON'T" are reaching grandparenthood age, not parenthood. I wonder what happens when the generation who were raised to "hook up" and think sex is "no big deal" are raising their own kiddos. Will they want for their children something different from what they themselves lived? Or will there simply only be a few voices crying in the wilderness that things should be different???

Oh, and here's a link to STOPP, which is a group that monitors Planned Parenthood, its programs, and its mission. They are the group that brought the Central Texas Girl Scouts affiliation with Planned Parenthood to light and gave it lots of publicity--leading to the GS dropping their alliance with PP in Central Texas.


You have to wonder who would allow their children to attend such an event in the first place. I suppose a lot of people think PP is one of the organizations of which open-minded persons approve, and if they're startled by the materials the child brings home, it just means they need to become more open-minded. The longer I'm at this business of bringing up children (20 years and counting), the more I suspect that an absolute essential is to have confidence in one's own instincts. If you haven't got it, you spend your life being slapped around by experts and not knowing what you think.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right along with you!

i know where the throne of satan resides.



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