dear summa mamas


(this is an "unsolicited rant" sent by one of our wonderful readers)

This is a link about that idiot woman who got caught selling sex toys in Burleson.

Here's the rant: who does she think she is-- the Sex Crusader?! This sort of stuff makes me crazy. Here she is, they've dropped the charges against her, but that's not good enough, no . . . she has to overturn the law . . . in court. What?!?!

She has said that she feels like this is her duty because it makes woman feel like their sexuality is obscene. Really? Try being pregnant and nursing for five straight years, no one will be able to tell your sexuality is obscene after every last person you meet in the grocery store line asks if you know how you get that way. Further more, in this particular article she has now deigned herself some sort of marriage repair consultant: I'm just keeping couples together. . . brah, brah, brah (as my husband's Japanese teacher would say). How utterly absurd.

Some communities choose to not allow alcohol sales, passing up the revenue for higher moral principals (supposedly), some don't want drug paraphernalia sold in their city (Arlington, though, somehow their are more "tobacco shops" there than Fort Worth), and some choose to disallow the sale of phallic shaped vibrators and other gross, smutty items. The community chose that at some point based on what the law allowed them to do. Don't like it? MOVE!

The thing that is so astonishing about the whole thing is that she was arrested on a misdemeanor which was dropped and instead of finding another location to do business, she still sells the stuff willy-nilly.

Which brings me to my other point: don't keep laws you won't enforce. Otherwise this little system called checks and balances goes hay-wire and you end up with activists judges legislating from the bench . . . oh wait, that happens all the time now! Who knew a racially motivated decision like "Ms. Roe was gang raped by Negroes, your Honors, it is violation of her person-hood if she can't have an abortion . . ." brah, brah, brah
That was a lie and so is this. And selfish! Don't get me started.

I would send this to the Startle-gram, but having such an unusual name draws to much criticism to the rest of the family, who probably thinks I'm wrong anyway.

Sorry for the rant . . . this stuff just makes me bonkers. And you know the lie is that some how she is the promoter of intimacy. Whereas those of us who choose this "prudish" lifestyle of NFP etc . . . well, we are just clouded by Puritanical motives. Marriage promotion she calls it, puh-lease.



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