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Thanks to Lauren for the heads up on this one:
Yahoo! News - Exhibit of Human Bodies Debuts in L.A.

Sorry, I don't think they're doing it to "educate" people about how the body works. I think they are doing it to shock. Period.

Certainly there is a place for the use of cadavers in medical school and the like, and bless the folk who donate their bodies to do this.

But it's a whole different world to put dead bodies out there for folks to gawk at.

It's disturbing, and it's simply a way to further "dehumanize" us. To make us just another object. If that can be done, then morally anything is up for grabs, 'cause it just doesn't make any difference in the great scheme of things what one more "object" does.

How sad. How very sad.


which is EXACTLY the point PETA makes; and other greenbeanies who object to soulless animals being used as objects like shoes and coats think.
and what many people, even those who would never align themselves with such extremists but who object to stuffed animal carcasses (the deer's head over the mantle) being on exhibit, see as something "not quite right" about the public display of things dead.

how do we explain using the bodies of people, human beings made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the universe, for public consumption? how do we answer to God for that?



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