Last night, while reading The Moonstone

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....I came across the perfect quote for the Mighty Barrister (link to the right) to put on his 'blog. It made me laugh out loud:

He was a barrister by profession; a ladies' man by temperament; and a good Samaritan by choice.......He was quite a public character.

Fits, don't you think????

Anyway, Wilkie Collins is so slyly funny! I keep reading bits to PapaC, who at this point thinks he just ought to put down To Kill a Mockingbird because it is too hard to read with me snorting every few pages from the other side of the bed.

Here are a few of the head steward's remarks on the gentlefolks he serves:

Gentlefolks in general have a very awkward rock ahead in life--the rock ahead of their own idleness. Their lives being, for the most part, passed in looking about them for something to do, it is curious to see--especially when their tastes are of what is called the intellectual sort--how often they drift blindfold into some nasty pursuit. Nine times out of ten they take to torturing something, or to spoiling something--and they firmly believe they are improving their minds, when the plain truth is, they are only making a mess in the house.....


Love the Moonstone. It is the only Wilkie Collins book I've ever read.



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