Oh, I do so love Mr. Chesterton

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First the Shock, Then the Glow
G. K. Chesterton

In everything worth having, even in every pleasure, there is a point of pain or tedium that must be survived, so that the pleasure may revive and endure. The joy of battle comes after the first fear of death; the joy of reading Virgil comes after the bore of learning him; the glow of the sea-bather comes after the icy shock of the sea bath; and the success of the marriage comes after the failure of the honeymoon.


What a great quote.
I tried to read Mr. Chesterton's Orthodoxy...and well...twas above my head.

What do you recommend as a Cherterton Primer?


After reading the Innocence of Fr. Brown, I'd recommend that, or any of the Fr. Brown mysteries for starters. Short stories, fascinating twists, and Fr. Brown still shares all those great truths about human nature that Chesterton was known for.

I'm with Robert on this one....start with the Fr Brown stories.

And reading Chesterton is something that you just have to hang in with--just keep reading. It's sort of like listening to Shakespeare on the stage. At first you think, "I don't understand ANY of this." But if you just keep listening, or in this case reading, it will become clearer. And you'll be surprised about what you'll retain.

after the father brown mysteries, either one of the biographies (They've packaged Aquinas and Francis into one volume now!) or a collection - I have one called Brave New Family which is short essays on various topics having to do with the family and its structures - very topical today nearly 70 years after!



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