Took my nephew to the movies today:

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We went to see Spiderman2. I liked it very much. I thought it was much, much better than the first one, largely because I liked the villain better. Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) fit into the story better than that horrible Goblin thing did in the first one.

I only saw the first one on the small screen. Wow. Seeing Spidey swing through New York on the big screen was awesome. Good special effects. And a sly sense of humor--Spidey delivering pizza!

Spidey has always been one of my favorite comic books heroes. (Well, him and the Fantastic Four, but we won't go there.) So maybe I was programmed to like the movies.

My only gripe (other than $2.75 candy)? The trailers for other movies! BoyJ was terrified watching the previews for the next Wesley Snipes vampire movie, yet ANOTHER Anaconda movie (eeeeuuuuwww), and the preview for I, Robot, with Will Smith [Mama T note: I want to see this. I have a major crush on Will Smith, and I always have. There, how's that for a confession?]. They were FAR more intense than the Spiderman movie. We nearly had to leave during the snake part (BoyJ isn't fond of big ole snakes, and neither am I). But we hung in there (with my hands over his eyes). Once Spidey started, he only had to cover his eyes once (when Dr. Octavius becomes Doc Ock).

Other than that we thought the whole thing was "Cool!" And Aunt Tewwy got major cool aunt points in the deal!


mamaT loves the fresh prince of bel-air?
ooooOOOoooOOO! i LOVE it!

also loved S2 and can't wait to see I,ROBOT which opens manana!

I loved this movie. I'm dying to go see it again. We brought the older two boys & they both enjoyed it. We weren't sitting near them, they sat beetween my brothers - M & K. They were quiet though & sat quietly the whole time. I was impressed, wasn't sure if Kier would make it through the whole thing without some sort of something. He's so spirited. But yeah, liked this one much better than the first.



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