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So much for the theory of "diversity" (is it possible to use that word any more without putting those little quotation marks around it?) within the NEA. Oh, I forgot! They meant THEIR definition of "diversity." Ex-gays are offensive to NEA delegates! They might as well be the Ku Klux Klan! (Can't they ever think of another analogy?)

Changing minds - The Washington Times: Culture, etc. - July 27, 2004


And then I wonder what the hell bein gay has to do with teaching math and English . . . no wonder the average high school graduate has less than an eighth grade reading level.

And there's another thing: teenagers are crazy! Why is there so much invested in keeping these people thinking about sex, sex, sex?! I mean, really, the chances that you are acting out impulses that you aren't being constantly bombarded with are pretty much nil. How do you think priests get along?! While some would have you believe that it is repressive to NOT think about it, how is it liberating to be obsessing about it?



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