In hopes of one-upping Smock's gross story....

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I was going to post the picture you can find at this link:

Yahoo! News - Most Emailed - Photos

Its caption?

Mehmet Yilmaz snorts milk up his nose and squirts it out of his eye in a bid to set a new world record in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004. Yilmaz squirted the milk 2 meters 79.5 centimeters, surpassing the exisitng world record of 2 meters 61 centimeters. Organizers said the record must still be verified. (AP Photo/Osman Orsal)

A few questions about this:

1. How do you learn that you have the ability to squirt milk out of your eyes?????

2. After you figure it out, and you are OVER the age of 12, why do you ever do it again ON PURPOSE?

3. There was an EXISTING world record for squirting milk out of your eyes for this yahoo to break????


O.k. it is getting grosser by the minute...
Go check out the photo at Yahoo News Photos Now!!!
There is a guy with a snake running through his nose!!!



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