major congrats to the zteen

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Excellent!!! congratulations!!!!!! (to you too, Mom!)

Yes, congratulations to the newest Eagle Scout!

Eagle! woo hooo!!!!!! did you get the mother pin, too?

Yes, I did. Yesterday was a great day for us!

Zack wanted a "not fancy" Eagle ceremony. We had the boys who were his special friends in Scouting actually DO a lot of the ceremony. The Scouts from our church (three cubs--one of them Smock's boy-- and one boy scout) did the flag ceremonies. One of Zack's friends was the master of ceremonies. Three others read different readings. They each added their own words of congratulations--which were very touching.

Three people spoke about Zack--one of his Cub Scout leaders spoke about him as a Cub. She cried, and of course, so did everyone else. Then our acolyte master at church spoke about Zack's service outside of Scouting. Then a Troop committee member spoke about his Scouting career. The Scoutmaster did the Eagle challenge and oath. I presented Zack with his pin, his daddy presented him with the Eagle neckerchief.

The parish presented Zack with a plaque to put on the church wall so that everyone will always know who installed the flagpoles and flowerbeds. Then Zack did his thank yous, which made EVERYBODY cry.

The ceremony finished with friends of our singing the Lord's Prayer in 4 part harmony.

We had a great party afterwards. Zack said it was EXACTLY what he wanted. I'm glad. And proud. And tired.

It was beautiful. I'm so glad I didn't miss it. Congratulations again!!




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