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TSO of video meliora, the most down-to-earth highbrow in st. blog's parish, on where are the saintly economists?:

"I've been hearing lately several politically liberal Christians railing against conservatives who 'call themselves Christian'. In our diocesan newspaper a columnist upset at Republican economic policies warned that not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord' will be heard - which I think is the atomic bomb of Christian rhetoric. When Jesus said that some who call out to Him will not be saved, well, I just don't think we should be in the business of flinging that passage around."

m'lynn, fellow TEXAN, of scattershot direct:

"Great, according to this political survey, my political leanings make me somewhat like Stalin. Guess that's not too surprising . . . .Alas."


I think I landed right about where M'Lynn did. Stalin was my nearest person.

My kids would agree with the quiz, but I kind of thought that I was a teensy bit farther right than Stalin and, gee, maybe a little less into the whole totalitarian egomaniacal psychotic sociopath thing. Maybe.

well, i was to the right of hitler. go figure.

This is bogus. It has Stalin on the right, grant it, not the far right. I was just to the right of him.

Very kind of you to say Smock! Though I'm actually just a striving Middlebrow.

oh my, mr. o -- if you're a middlebrow, what on earth does that make me?



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