that's all you C...BS

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what's up with this CBS horsepuckey? i don't watch the news, and i'd rather put a cigarette out in my eye than watch 60 minutes (especially since andy looney is still allowed to open his fat yap) ... but i keep hearing all this broo-ha-ha about how rather personally vouched for this yokle of a source. now cbs is admitting it made a "mistake." a mistake?

this just further solidifies my disdain for the media in general.


Hahahaha!!! Gee, why dontcha tell us how you REALLY feel about it!!!!

andy looney and his fat yap...that is so funny...thanks for the chuckle :o)

I'm waiting for Dan to blame it all on those mystery-What's-the-fequency-Kenneth? muggers....

I do like your way with words.



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