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The quote I got from the Bruderhof Daily Dig today:

When you give someone a book, you donít give him just paper, ink, and glue. You give him the possibility of a whole new life.

-----Christopher Morley


Do you happen to know if that's from Morley's novel, *Parnassus on Wheels*? It's about a man who travels around selling used books to country people.

Jane, I don't know. I received it in an email daily inspiration thing I get, so I don't know its provenance. Sorry!

That's okay. I'd recommend *Parnassus* to anyone who wants a good read about people who find happiness without being either young or good-looking. It's a little old-fashioned (takes place before WWI), but for me that just makes it better.

My father read us that book when we were children and it's the first I have heard it mentioned in a long, long time!


I came across it while looking for something in the public domain that I could use for ESL students. I'd never heard of Morley before -- he seems to have been forgotten, which is too bad. He knew how to bring characters to life, and he understood how important ordinary things can be.



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