Interesting book.....



.....with something HOPEFUL to say about the Church! We've ordered a copy of this for our parish bookstore, and I want to see it. We have a number of young people (Zteen included) in our parish who are strong in their faith--and looking forward to lives as Catholics. That, my friends, is wonderful. When all of us aging flower children fade out of power positions, there will be a real opportunity for change.

I have long maintained that young people are not put off by the demands of orthodoxy. They've had enough happy clappy "free to be you and me" stuff. They are in awe of mystery and in love with the beauty of well-done liturgy. And to ASSUME that they simply "cannot relate" to the beautiful "old fashioned" liturgies (beloved by many generations of folks) is the ultimate in prideful paternalism.

Oh, and by the way, there is a Young and Catholic website as well. Since I'm not young, it doesn't so much apply to me, but if'n you are, you might want to check it out!



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