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forgive me, mamaT, but i just couldn't resist. i'm sick t'death of tea sippin' pansies pushing their pinko politics across the atlantic. who gives a rat's rip what these barrel-chested limeys think?

and here's a link to how the country voted by county. it's redder'n a virgin's blush!


If you want to read a euroblog that has really lost it, take a look at what Sarah says about those of us who voted for Bush--all 60 million of us. http://sarahcarey.blogspot.com/

That is a fascinating map. Look at California - the state went to Kerry because of how the population is concentrated on the coast, despite the fact that the majority of the counties went to Bush.
I wish there was some way to enlarge that map.

Hello the Mamas - as a happy British (Scottish, to be precise) reader of your ever-lovely blog I feel like apologising for the bad manners of my country's media. (If the notion of apologising just to make yourself feel better weren't itself one of modern Britain's irritating habits...) It can be difficult to remember over here that the Guardian is indeed, as one of you said, 'extremist' in some of its views by any reasonable standard, and other papers no better. What can I say? Only, perhaps, that our liberal media exist in such a closed circle that I fear they have become utterly incapable of really hearing pro-life arguments; or of separating the ideas of just condemnation of gay relationships from unjust hatred of gay people; or of supporting Bush because his line is not morally repugnant even if one dislikes many aspects of his policies... Please pray for Britain before (or even after) ranting at the Limeys... And if it helps, the Scotsman considers (some) Bush voters in a manner which is (I think) far more reasonable and (dare I say) nuanced - http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1271352004 (free login needed).

Thank you for your blog - and again, ora pro nobis.

Pax et bonum.

Taodunensis, no need for the apology! We were mostly letting off a little steam. The media is really no better here, they're just OURS, so we HAVE to deal with them! ;-)

Our wonderful priest and his wife (yep, you read that right--we're an Anglican use parish) are both British to the bone so we know the Daily Mirror guy certainly didn't reflect everyone's views.

I think that that closed circle is a feature of the media everywhere these days. They are absolutely STUNNED that there are people out there who actually BELIEVE that abortion even MIGHT be wrong. And if they run into someone who believes that and doesn't also drool on himself they are doubly stunned.

What the Mirror guy said wasn't even that different from what Southerners hear from the east and west coasts of our own country every day!

It looks like Oklahoma, Nebraska and Utah won. Idaho would have, too, but it must have been Boise that did it in.

I am ashamed to admit that my particular county went...oh nevermind. I did my part. In fact, for the second time in my life I voted a straight ticket, something that I have no choice but to do, given the Dems won't put someone up who is even remotely tolerable.

The hands-down winner for most hate-filled screed against the Red States was novelist Jane Smiley on Slate. It's truly "un-parody-able".

Hmm, I left another comment and it seems to have vanished in the aether. Well, to repeat: thanks for the reassurance, MamaT!

Pax et bonum!



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