simon and garfunkel will forgive me taking liberties...

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the smockmomma's new theme song is set to their 59th st. bridge song

slow down you move to fast
don't want the mornin' sickness to last.
kickin' down the bathroom door
lookin for crackers 'n feelin pukey.

do-it-do-do-do-do-do, feelin pukey

hello bed-post, what's cha knowing?
i've come to watch your ginger growin'
ain't cha got no relief for me?

do-it-do-do-do-do-do, feelin' pukey

got lotsa deeds to do, promises to keep
but i'm really drowsy and ready to sleep
let the nurses drop lotsa phenergan on me

life i love you, but i'm feelin' pukey...


Woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!

Now I can not only be a Summa Mama, but I get to be another Summa Auntie! And I am the coolest Aunt on the planet, girlfriend! You can ask around.

Yee haw!!!!!!

God Bless and keep our Smock and the newest D or G (depending on whether newbaby is a he or a she!). Mother Mary, pray for us. St. Elizabeth, pray for us. St. Martha, pray for us.

Congrats! Now y'all get to prayin' that my baby gets a move on. I'm past my due date.

Oh my goodness!!! Wonderful have a very unique way of announcing your baby news :o)

I am very happy for you!
Except of course the puking part!



A baby, a baby, a baby!

Sit down. Take it easy. EAT something. And above all don't listen to everybody's advice! ;-)



P.S. Lauren? I just said a prayer to Our Lady for you, too.

Congratulations! I hoped to see ya Sunday morning. Maybe this week?

Congratulations :) It's always wonderful to read great news.

I love the song.....I know it would have cheered me up while I was going through the pukeys' (The last time was over ten years ago, but I can recall the memory as if it were this morning.)

Ha congratulations! And what a smockolicious way of announcing the news!

Many congrats, smock. You know you're in my prayers, darlin.

I count myself lucky to not know any Simon and Garfunkel songs except that one bridge one, and no one is allowed to disabuse me of my ignorance. There's only so much harmony a chaotic good girl like me can take.


Hooray! Congratulations & I hope the m/s goes away fast!

Congratulations!!!! Hope the morning sickness passes soon!

I'm envious. COngrats. May I suggest preggiepops? They really do help with the pukies.
sea bands are also useful for many moms, and they are also good for carsick kidlets.
I wish that I could transport myself a la Star Trek and be the midwife for all these lovely babies.........
St. Gianna and St. Gerard, pray for us!

Hey, that's great. Not the morning sickness, but everything else.

Congratulations and prayers!

At Thanksgiving dinner, I was thinking of you, as the toddler was wearing a bib and getting ribbed for wearing a smock (admittedly, it does look like a smock... but it's a bib, I tell you!). He got the smock comment so much that night that you stuck in my mind because of your "handle" here.




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