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I am in the midst of reading Our Lady of the Lost and Found by Diane Schoemperlen. I will tell you what I think of the book (I can't make up my mind yet, but I love the way she writes) when I finish. But get this paragraph! I'm going to have to print it out, it fits me so perfectly!

For those of us with a bookish bent, reading is a reflexive response to everything. This is how we deal with the world and anything new that comes our way. We have always known that there is a book for every occasion and every obsession. When in doubt, we are always looking things up.

Not being especially fond of library books myself (mostly because you have to give them back when you're done but also because their spines are often broken, their pages sticky and dogeared, marked up with other people's jottings and grease spots),I would rather buy than borrow. Even a casual examination of my overcrowded shelves would quickly reveal the various areas of interest that have gripped me over the years.

Though I read mostly fiction (so I don't have quite so many "areas of interest" represented) and I cannot afford to buy nearly so many books as I would wish, I can identify!



I loved this book. I read it years ago, and then again when I received it as a gift last Easter when I joined the Catholic Church. It helped get me over the "Mary hump" that a lot of Protestants have.


And yes, I love new, unread books. It (secretly) annoys me when DH reads my magazines before I've had a chance to crack the cover. And I always make note of new books that kids check out in the library where I volunteer, telling them that they are SO lucky to be the first one to check a book out.


That fits me, too!

So does this other quote (which I hope no one will mind is from a Harry Potter book):

"When in doubt, go to the library."

new-book snob here, too!

the only old books i care for are the ones that are so old, they smell like musty old attics.



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