I can so relate!


This is an excellent article. Please go read it!

PapaC and I were talking about New Year's Resolutions yesterday as we were running errands. He said he thought a good resolution for us would be: "No new storage containers. No new shelves. No new places to PUT stuff." I looked at him as if he had lost his mind. But his reasoning was perfect: Nothing comes into the house that we do not have room for and a place for. If we don't have room, then something else we already own must leave to make room. Over the course of the year, we should aim to reducing the amount of "storage" we have already and decide whether we really need the things we have stored away now. He's right.

We have a ton of stuff in the garage to go to Goodwill right now (and it will go this afternoon so that we can get the tax deduction slip!) and a ton of stuff to just trash. Now that we're BOTH on the anti-packrat path, maybe 2005 will finally be the year we get down to what we actually love and use.



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