it's all about information manipulation



...according to michael crichton's latest novel state of fear. this novel has the delicious pleasure of blowing holes clean through the "global warming theory" and other scare tactics used by environmental extremists and modern media fear-mongers -- wait, that was redundant. oh well.

i don't imagine we'll read or hear much about this book because it's so thinly vieled and it's going to enrage a lot of lefty-leaners, university "intellectuals" and hollywood types. it comes complete with nifty graphs, charts and footnotes. there's even an appendix that contains a very informative quote from margaret sanger that i'd never read.

my favortie "good guy" is john kenner if only because he has all the good lines. he is so obviously crichton's mouth-piece and he has loads of tasty "i wish i'd said that" lines like:

"I have a problem with other people deciding what is in my best interest when they don't live where I do, when they don't know the local conditions or the local problems I face, when they don't even live in the same country as I do, but they still feel -- in some far-off Western city, at a desk in some glass skyscraper in Brussels or Berlin or New York -- they still feel that they know the solution to all my problems and how I should live my life. I have a problem with that."

my favorite "bad guy" is ted bradley -- the environmental activist/actor who played the president on TV (a la martin sheen) until his show was cancelled. if you have a nasty streak for vengeance like me, the book is worth reading just for this boob's fate. just don't eat before you get to that part.

for those of our readers who prefer more high minded literature to techno-thrillers, buy this book anyway and hide it in the john. it's a very educational and entertaining read.



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