OK, I was wrong. Here's something much, much worse

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Marvin Olasky: The most influential philosopher alive

A column on Peter Singer of Princeton. Just a little quote to make you read the article:

Question: What about parents conceiving and giving birth to a child specifically to kill him, take his organs and transplant them into their ill older children? Singer: "It's difficult to warm to parents who can take such a detached view, (but) they're not doing something really wrong in itself." Is anything wrong with a society in which children are bred for spare parts on a massive scale? "No."

Well, there you go.


honey, peter singer has been rattling the gates of hell for decades now. nothing he says surprises me and everything he says disgusts me.

But he is so kind to animals!

Thanks for posting this, though. I have a rule that whenever I encounter Peter Singer or PETA I make a point to eat either veal or foie gras in the next 24 hours (or to see a bullfight in the next seven days, but since the temporada is over up here, and I am not sure if anything is going on in Plaza Mejico, even if I could get down there, I will have to stick with veal), and I have been in the mood for those sorts of things. So, you provided me with a good excuse.


i didn't even have to see that mr. keilholtz signed in, as soon as i read "I make a point to eat either veal or foie gras in the next 24 hours..." i knew who it was. i love it!

It was a wonderful cutlet (simple mushroom/marsala/butter pan reduction sauce), too! I decided to save the foie gras indulgence for Christmas.



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