Woo hoo, Miss Luse!!!!

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Look what I found! Bernadette Luse (daughter of our very own Mr. Luse of Apologia fame) got her LPGA card! I've been checking on her progress every week or so, and this was posted on the Futures Tour website today!

Here's a snippet:

Luse played her final three rounds at five-under par to move into a share of 10th place. "It's just a huge relief to get my LPGA card and this is a real turning point for me right now," she said. "I started playing golf late at age 15, and I guess I'm a late bloomer, but playing with the FUTURES was a great way for me to learn my game."

Yee haw! What a GREAT Christmas present!!!!!! Way to go Bernadette!


Manishevitz, started at 15? There is some serious athletic talent in that family!

Very coole. I will tell my family. They love this sort of thing :o)



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