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.....to finish my 2nd book of 2005 last night. I went to bed early, with a glass of ice water and my reading glasses, and fell straight asleep at 8 pm! Not a drink of water, only a page of my book! What's up with that? And I still feel tired this morning. Go figure.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I have decided to quit drinking diet (or really any) soft drinks. So the lack of caffeine probably is making me tireder than I should be. (I'm not necessarily giving up caffeine--I had a glass of tea this morning.) But if I fall asleep while I'm doing laundry today, you'll know why!


See, giving up soft drinks is the sort of thing that I'm saving up for Feb. 9! You're obviously an early achiever.

I was very tired when I tried to stop drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.
That's it!

Dear Mama T,

Giving up caffeine isn't a bad idea at all--and if you're of a mind to, I have found that Rooibos makes a very nice tea alternative. (I tried it after reading No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency). It has that wonderful warm tea sensation with a sweet, woody, pleasant taste. I was drink green tea every morning and once I started Rooibos all of my tea went into a drawer.

The nicest thing is, perhaps due to the popularity of the books, it is readily available on grocery store shelves in the tea isle--look for the brand name "Kalihari" for example. Anyway, I find it a marvelous tea replacement--supposedly high in anti-oxidants (if that really means anything at all) and no caffeine!

(I commend your giving up soft drinks--it's tough to do, but I think ultimately worth it. The biggest difficulty is eating out and wanting something other than water.)

Oh, and I forgot to say that mixed with other herbals or fruit tisanes, Rooibos makes one of the best iced teas I've ever had. And being a Southerner myself, I know the importance of a good iced tea.





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