I have a statue....

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.....of St. Martha that sits on my desk. (Not surprised, are you?)

Every morning, when I am reading my e-mails, McKid walks in (her toys are stored in the room that serves as my office), looks around, and says, "Can I turn Marfa around so she can watch me play?"

Of course the answer is always yes. And isn't that a perfect example of becoming as little children? When we can truly say, "Jesus, turn around and watch me work today!", won't we be on the road?


A statue of St. Martha ... I never thought of that and it is a natural for me ... she's my patron saint. I can relate to my dear Martha in so many ways. Now I have a new quest - to find a St. Martha statue. She can sit near the Mary statue on top of my computer monitor. I can't tell you how many times I've glanced up there when frenzied and been able to take that extra deep breath to regain balance. Just think what the two of them could help me remember to do!

I have been looking for a statue of St. Martha and a vigil candle of St. Martha for a long time. Where did you get yours, MamaT? All my online searching brings up weird witchy sites. No thanks!

I got my St. Martha statue from our parish book/gift shop. I can ask our bookshop manager where she ordered them from. The vigil candles I get at the Mexican grocery store over by our hospital, and sometimes at WalMart of all places!

Let me see if I can scare up a website that will have the kind of statue I have. If I can't, Susan would be happy to order and ship you one, I am sure.

That's the same statue we gave our Martha (who also goes by the name of Marfa!) as a confirmation gift. She keeps it on her dresser but 'lends' it to me to put on display in the dining room around her feast day.

My 2 year old daughter likes to take our statue of Mary off the table next to the couch and give May-ee a kiss. :-)



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