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Commentaries: The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2004 - Christianity Today Movies

1. America's Heart and Soul
2. Finding Neverland
3. Hotel Rwanda
4. The Incredibles
5. Les Choristes
6. The Passion of the Christ
7. The Return
8. Spider-Man 2
9. The Story of the Weeping Camel
10. Woman, Thou Art Loosed

What think you?


i've only seen 4, 6, and 8. i recommend them all.

i haven't worked up the nerve to see *hotel rawanda*. i absolutely adore don cheadle and want to see this film, but i'm just going to have to wait for the small screen so that i can edit the viewing AND ball my head off in the privacy of my own home.

*neverland* is also on my must-see list. if mamaT still hasn't seen it, perhaps she'll take me?

sorry for the unpopular opinion, but 10 just makes me roll my eyes. marc and i used to attend "bishop" t.d. jakes' church and are all too familiar with the self-help/pop-psychology as religion schpiel, and well ... just not into it.

i'm interested in hearing from anyone who has seen *weeping camel*.

I think it's funny that they used the word "redeeming" in their title. Wouldn't "best" have sufficed? I feel like they are trying to tickle my religious bone. :)

Sarah, I think in the article that they distinguish between what might be the "best" movies and those which had a "redemption" thread in their stories...

In fact, the guy who writes for CT's movies newsletter doesn't think TPOTC is actually one of the 10 "best" movies of 2004, though it was one of the most affecting movies. So, it would make this top 10 list, but not a top 10 best list.

Not sure how Spidey-2 made the list. I mean it was great and all, I love stories about gigantic, octopus-like bad guys getting beaten by nerdy Spider-like college boys, especially when there's a hopeless love story on the side... but I dont think it was particularly "redemptive." (My husband may disagree.) And what about "Ray?" I know it may not be "safe for the whole family" but I think if there's a redemption story out there this year (with great music thrown in to boot), this was it. Go, Jamie Foxx!

Lea, I think the redemption in Spidey2 was the redemption of Spidey as hero. After deciding to be "Just a Regular Guy" he sees what the world is like without a hero--someone who cares.

REmember his Aunt's speech about people needing a hero--she redeems him by forgiving him for his uncle's death, when he can't forgive himself, and pointing him back to his quest.

I love Spidey as a superhero, always have. He seems the most "normal" in his regular life. My second faves were always the Fantastic Four, perhaps because of their "family" structure.

Thanks for the information. I can be kind of critical of some of the terminology used in Christian circles. I could go on and on with this point, but I'll let it suffice to say that I'm glad that I simply had an incorrect picture of the situation! Please excuse my poor spelling.



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