smock's first book of '05 finished


although, by no means, do i recommend it. it's entitled little children and it served no purpose other than to make me feel like an incredibly sane, highly moral and tremendously well adjusted suburban mom and wife compared to the loonies running amuck in tom perrotta's third stab at dark humor. yes, i get it that the "little children" refers to both the children these idiots are trying to raise as well as to the idiots themselves, but it doesn't make the read any more pleasant. most of my "LOL" moments were spent in the living room of the child molester. yeah, i know.
well, i'm disgusted with myself for caring so much about such shallow, hedonistic, and even criminal morons. of course, maybe that was the point, but i just lament the fact that i could have been reading something less, what's the word, ugly.

by the by, interesting tidbit of info: the cover on the paperback was changed to a patch of manicured lawn with a bag of water holding two goldfish instead of the hardback's version which featured two half-eaten cookies dropped on a lawn.



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