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....over at Quiet Life. Sometimes it is necessary to quit focusing on the icky and negative. Those things are far too easy to see, notice and fret about. So today let's all think about the things that are VERY GOOD THINGS in our lives:

1. Friday adoration
2. My parish--SMV
3. The Summas and our blogfriends
4. All the people that comment on our blog--we never thought anyone would read at all!
5. My family--including all the family we've "adopted"
6. Potato soup at La Madeleine
7. Diet cokes, even though I'm giving them up. I still love them.
8. Popcorn with butter
9. The Amazing Race
10. House
11. Nearly everything on HGTV
12. 55+ flamingos in my office
13. My multi-colored house
14. Luckydog, Maggie and Nyx, even though they are currently driving me insane
15. Wednesday lunches with Zteen--may they last a few years more!
16. Allison Kraus and everything she has ever done.
17. Texas Honky Tonk on Sunday nights on KSCS
18. Jimmy Buffett
19. Aaron Neville's album Devotion, especially his version of Jesus Loves Me
20. Crocheting
21. Decorative painting, especially with my friends
22. Sisters weekend!
23. Potty training!!!!!
24. Dancing in the kitchen
25. Yoga pants and a big t-shirt
26. Chicken enchilada casserole
27. Jon Hassler and Richard Russo
28. St. Frances de Sales
29. All my CDs by the Rat Pack guys
30. Margaritas with a lot of salt on the rim
31. Dinner with friends


numero dos....amen! and # six....yummmmmm! of course number 25 goes without saying.

"Nearly everything on HGTV"
I love watching that channel too...but I expecially love that you admitted it on your list :o)

Nearly everything on the Food Network could also be on my list :o)

Yeah, yeah...I watch way to much television.

We are all very blessed :o)

Eclectic list there Mama! So why are you giving up Diet Coke?

TSO--when I went to give blood last Saturday, my blood pressure was way too high (not so high that I couldn't donate, but higher than it oughta be). I am really affected by caffeine, and while I can't drink enough tea to get the effect, it is really easy to overdose on cold caffeine. So, I decided to take a break.

Right after I decided to go without, my pharmacist recommended that I go without because of my family history of osteoporosis--both my grandmothers were affected, and my mom has suffered cracks in her vertebrae. I don't want to go there!!! So I'm doing whatever I can to shore up the bones I've got!

#26....recipe, please? :)

Mama, you can always go with caffeine-free Diet Coke.

If you like Allison Kraus, you will LOVE MIndy Smith. One local independant rock/pop/folk station is currently playing "Come to Jesus" which is a cut from her debut album. She has a sweet voice, good chops, and is unabashedly Christian. And she is musically good enough to be played on a very secular station (and talking about Jesus, at that!). I bought myself her CD with my CHristmas Amazon gift certificate.



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