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Mz. Booshay over at Quiet Life is playing the interview game. She has agreed to "interview" me, and I have agreed to post my answers here for everyone to read.

Then, if you would like to be "interviewed" by me, post a comment in the comments box saying "Interview Me!!!!" I'll come up with 5 questions for YOU, and you will post the answers on your own blog......

Here's my interview with Mz. Booshay:

1. Did you go to college? If so, where?

Sometimes it feels like I went EVERYWHERE. I started at the University of Texas in Austin, where I spent two years. I finished at McMurry College (now McMurry University), a small Methodist college in my hometown of Abilene, TX. It was like a trip back to the 1950s in some ways, but it was so FUN. After graduating with a degree in accounting (nevermind what YEAR), I went to Texas Tech University and got a Master's degree in accounting.

2. Why is Texas better?

Oh, honey, it's one of those questions you just can't answer briefly. #1, you can find it on a map--it's not a boring square state, or a teeny one you can't see. #2 Every kind of climate/food/ethnic group, etc. in the world. Other than skiing, if you can't find it in Texas, it ain't worth doin'. #3 The women. They can run a ranch and do stoop labor with painted nails wearin' mink coats. Oh, and they have big hair. I don't, but I wish I did. #4 The sky. Where I was raised, it's a giant turquoise bowl, from horizon to horizon. Don't fence me in, baby.

3. What book do you recommend to others the most?

To Kill a Mockingbird which I believe is the finest American novel ever written. It is certainly the truest Southern novel ever written. Dare anyone, anyone, to read it and not weep at the end when Scout walks Boo Radley home.

4. Do you have a pink flamingo on your front lawn?

Yes ma'am, I do. His name is Bob T. Flamingo, and his head bobs up and down. He came from First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX.

5. If you could magically appear in a movie, which one would it be and why?

Beauty and the Beast--the scene of them dancing in the big ballroom. Except I look hideous in yellow, so the dress would have to be another color--probably PINK! Besides, I always thought I'd look good animated! (Oh, and p.s.: I always liked the Beast best as the Beast, not the girlie man at the end. Go figure.)


OK, now anyone game to be interviewed by MOI?


What wonderful, enlightening, funny answers...
just what I expected :o)

Hi MamaT
I found you from Quiet Life. Glad to see you want to dance. So do I.
Dana in GA

*raises hand* Interview me! I'm game! ;)

I loved the Beast as the beast too! Why did he turn into Jennifer Aniston? Why?

If'n we get interviewed, do we get a cover shoot on one of them high-falutin magazines?

howabout me? the real question is, do you know too much already?

you can interview me.

Groovy, Aisling, Julie, Smock and Elena.

M'Lynn: No, but Micki did get a digital camera for Valentine's Day. She can drive to Waco and get your picture! That could be a whole new career for her--blog photographer. You in for the interview?

No time to interview right now, but I am going to post a groovy picture of the Tribe n the Bookman and me, sometime this week. If I can rescan it so it doesn't look so fuzzy. Although the fuzziness might camoflage my thighs . . . .

I must be missing some background on the love of pink flamingoes. The youth group at our (south of the Mason-Dixon line but not really southern, if that matters) church used to do "drive by flamingoings" and leave pink flamingoes on the lawn of people they liked. Nope, I have no idea what that's about.

hey! our youth group used to do that as a fundraiser, but too many birds ended up disappearing!



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