feast or famine

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apparently my hormones haven't figured out that i'm now in my second trimester because they refuse to give me just a small break. it seems to be feast or famine when it comes to the ol' mood barometer because i'm either terribly weepy or terribly bitchy and neither is a whole heckuva lotta fun right now.

of course, in the interem i've started feeling ridiculously sexy in an "i am earth mother -- doesn't the swell of my belly drive you wild with desire" sort of way. which makes for no small amount of amusement and lots of ooo-yuck they're kissing again's around the smock maison.


Much sympathy from my third-trimester vantage. Pregnancy does a number on me emotionally.

That is one hysterical post Smock!

The "Earth Mother" sexy time is my husband's #1 favourite thing about pregnancy. Isn't it funny?

...doesn't the swell of my belly drive you wild with desire" Whatever I might would be indiscreet, so I won't say it. This is hard for me, you understand...

Now you dun got me all hot 'n bothered too, smock!

my swollen belly and sense of pride thank you boys.

good grief, there is a baby boom in the parish, is there not? I guess that's kind of a given, since St. Blog's is Catholic! Anyway, my somewhat brief hiatus near the end of last year must have made me miss announcments of new pregnancies, if any were made. Congrats on this latest, Smock!



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