happy birthday

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to our MamaT!


Happy Birthday, Terry!!! See you all tommorow morning.

Happy Birthday Dear Terry!

Happy Birthday to you-ooooo!

Here's wishing you a splendid day and wonderful evening!

Your friend,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great big piece of cake ...hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy 29th MamaT!

Happy, happy, happy Birthday!

Yes, yes, all that, and I'll bet you look good for your age too.

Thank you all!

29 plus a few (quite a few!), dear TSO.

And Bill (see, doesn't that just send a thrill down your spine?), I will admit most people do NOT think I am my age. Or maybe they're just kidding me.

You could vow to read x number of books where x = your age - 80 books a year by 80!



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