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in girl scout cookies. do you think it was all part of the evil one's grand scheme to have girl scout cookie deliveries coincide with lent? and who's brilliant idea was it to have only two servings per box of thin mints? i swan!


You mean to tell us that you actually get 2 full servings out of 1 box of Thin Mints? It's a struggle for me just to get them in the freezer to prepare them for eating (the ONLY way to eat Thin Mints)!

They are here!!!!!!!!! YES! Im soo excited. We couldn't order cookies last year, couldn't afford them, and I only got some because my mother-in-law ordered some. I love my girl scout cookies.

You are so right, Smock. Who knew that the cute little girl in the uniform would be the instigator of such privation and sacrifice? And why do I buy anything other than Thin Mints? They're the only ones we moan about when they're gone.

Woo hoo! That means I'll get my cookies soon!!!!!

How many boxes did I order? TOO FEW, DARLIN', TOO FEW!!!!!!



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