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Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain,
Wheat that in the dark earth many days has lain;
Love lives again, that with the dead has been:
Love is come again, like wheat that springeth green.

In the grave they laid him, love whom men had slain,
Thinking that never he would wake again.
Laid in the earth like grain that sleeps unseen:
Love is come again, like wheat that springeth green,

Forth he came at Easter, like the risen grain,
He that for three days in the grave had lain.
Quick from the dead my risen Lord is seen:
Love is come again, like wheat that springeth green.

When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain,
Thy touch can call us back to life again;
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been:
Love is come again, like wheat that springeth green.

John MacLeod Campbell Crum (1872-1958)

Go HERE if you need to hear the MIDI of the tune.


I like this one! Especially because it is prime wheat season here, and all those green blades of wheat have arisen from the fields that surround our parish church. So, as we drive up, the metaphor is played out in full on either side.

Our youth choir sang this at Mass on Easter morning, and did a fine job. Of course we rehearsed it for a couple of months to make sure we were spot on, and they were! I especially like the 4th verse, about when our hearts are wintry.

Happy Easter!

That's a favorite of mine. I am a cantor, and I made sure to ask the organist at Holy Week rehearsal if we're going to do that during the Easter season. She said, "Of course".

Lovely story, but can you tell me where the beautiful picture of the tomb came from because I would love that beautiful picture to hand on the wall if I can get a copy. Thank You!



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