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We have done something today that we have not had to do in the entire history of the Summa Mamas on the web. We deleted a comment.

The person who made the comment made comments that were in direct opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and did so in an inflammatory manner. But even that wasn't what made us delete it. When we tried to email the commenter, the email address wasn't functional. To be charitable, perhaps the commenter mis-typed. To be less charitable, perhaps it was a fake.

Now, the Summa Mamas are not exactly afraid of controversy, or of a good argument. However, if you want to argue with us, or with Church teaching, then you have to do it honestly and forthrightly. While you may use a "handle" that you use on a blog or a bulletin board, you must have an email address that we can reach you with. No drive-by inflammatory commenting is allowed, without risk of deletion.

Look, we use our "blog names" here--but on the sidebar you find our real names. When we comment throughout the blog, our email addresses show up. We have an email address for the SummaMamas as a whole. We're not hard to get to. If you want argue, then you need to have the same level of maturity. That way, if necessary, we can take the discussion off the blog--to be continued in private. We make ourselves available. You wanna argue? You make yourself available, too.

Look around you. This is Summa Mama world. (The pink walls attest to it!) You're welcome here. Discussion is welcome here, if it can be carried on honestly and civilly. Just remember, it ain't a democracy. And while the dictators are beautiful, charming and funny, and almost always benevolent, they are, in fact, dictators. Want your own little world? Get your own blog. They're free.

And now back to our regularly scheduled entertainment.


Dear MamaT,

Thank you. This kind of thing is so refreshing--and I mean that--I'm not being sarcastic. Sorry you had to delete a comment, but I really like the class you show doing it!



Oh, if only we could do this with random, rude, inflammatory comments made by strangers (either to our face or behind our backs) in real life. There are so many comments in my memory bank that I wish I could hit a delete button for!

Sorry you had to do it. God Bless!



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