if you have any doubt michael schiavo is an evil man

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try to swallow this logic: "Michael Schiavo's brother, Scott Schiavo, said [Terri] will be buried in an undisclosed location near Philadelphia so that her immediate family does not attend and turn the moment into a media spectacle."

so in essence, michael schiavo is going to play "hide the body" with Terri's ashes?

when asked about perhaps never knowing where his sister was buried, bobby schindler said, "... [michael's] been doing this kind of stuff for 15 years. What would make him stop now?''




I still think he is hiding something and I pray that the autopsy will point the finger at him in some way for the evil he has done. I know we aren't supposed to wish evil on anyone, but this whole situation sickens me.

Yeah, but my fear is that the Pinellas County coroner is in tight with the rest of that county's officials - the danged judge, police force, etc...

That autopsy won't show anything incriminating - count on it. George Felos has his bases covered...



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