In what universe does this sound like a good idea?

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Check out the article HERE about scientists in Silicon Valley deciding to create a mouse with 100% human brain cells.

Here's a snippet:

Last week, however, the university's ethics committee approved the research, under certain conditions. Prof Henry Greely, the head of the committee, said: "If the mouse shows human-like behaviours, like improved memory or problem-solving, it's time to stop."

He accepted that the project might seem "a little creepy", but insisted: "It's not going to get up and say 'Hi, I'm Mickey'. Our brains are far more complicated."

You know, I just don't get the whole concept of a bunch of people sitting around a table, and someone saying, "Hey, I know! Let's make a mouse with a human brain cells!!!" And even more I don't understand the other people sitting around the table going, "Yeah! That's a GREAT idea!"

Why? For what purpose?

And the answer is really just "Because we can."

Also notice, please, that the cells will come from aborted fetuses.

Never be sucked into the thought processes of those people who told you that "a ban on human cloning (or any other objectionable proceudure) isn't NECESSARY, because we just wouldn't DO that."

Ha. The operative principle is if we can do it, we WILL do it. Regardless of ethical issues. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.


Ewwww. That gives me the willies..... ewwww again!!!

If it weren't so would almost sound like some sort of Warner Brothers cartoon. (What kept Pinky and the Brain civilized was that they didn't involve human babies...)

I heard this on the radio a week or so ago and all I could think of was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Our family read this out loud years ago and the idea of rats that could clean up after themselves freaks me out completely.



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