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my guilty pleasure has been enjoying the status of diehard "arrested development" fan since it's first season. it's a very well, and very dryly, written show with incredibly understated talent. it's won FIVE emmy's, including best comedy series. that said, it's derailed itself this last season and i just had to speak up:

i've been a diehard fan of "arrested development" since season one, and even used my weblog to promote the show. but the anti-christian plotline, which i've tried hard to ignore, is just getting worse and worse. do you have any idea how many in your audience consider themselves mainstream christians? and, are you purposefully trying to alienate them? if not, i suggest you give the christian bashing a break. i can take a joke with the best of 'em, but this is getting ridiculous. it isn't funny anymore, it's just as annoying as hell.

i'm hoping that fellow fans will weigh in with fox as well.


Amen, sister.

I'll write a note to Fox also, just remind me after Holy Week.

I thought I was just getting 'touchy.'

I hate to say sharp humor ruined by an crass agenda (and the humor just ain't that sharp when it gets so barbed)

it's the sad truth, mrs. vonhuben.



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