only in TEXAS

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i LOVE older men in cowboy hats who walk with carved walking canes, feel free to put their arm around you and say, "why lil' lady your purt'neer aglowin."

how beautiful is that?

yes, it happened to me on my way into the perinatologist's office. a total stranger opened the door to the medical building and just slid his arm down around my shoulder once i'd passed through. he was seventy if he was a day, smelled of pressed startch and cologne, and had the sexiest southern drawl i think i've ever heard.

i put my arm around him and said, "you must be a native Texan."

"uh-course," he said as he let go of me.

i smiled, "it's so nice to be treated like a lady."

he actually tipped the brim of his hat and said, "it's as it should be."

i've been smiling ever since. oh, how i LOVE this state and it's Good 'Ol Boys!


I love your stories :) Sounds like a nice guy to run into.

Reminds me of my grandpappy. I didn't know him in his hard-drinking alcohoolic days, I only knew him after he joined AA and settled down with his last wife. He always had on his hat and was invariably polite and well-bred. I miss him still - he's been gone some 20 years now. Emphysema.

Great story smock. Are you a native Texan?

darn tootin, TSO, an' right proud of it!

I'm gonna have to move to Texas...

we'd love to have y'all!



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