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you see baby 5 from the top of the head, he's on the left.
baby 6 is "in shadow" on the right.


I'm a brat, so I just had to make this comment...
are you sure it's not baby 6 on the left and baby 5 on the right? ;)

you, m'lady, are a woman after my own heart. and, yes m'am. i'm sure.

Oh, look! There are my babies!!!!!


Sometimes seeing double is a good thing.

OH!! I already love them!

YAY The A-Twins. I always called our twins "twinkles" cause they "each shine in their own way" So glad I got to see this photo, M. Very cool little tiny people.

Congratulations!!! I love seeing sonograms...

I am a fraternal twin myself. Congratulations.

LOVELY! This is so exciting! do you do gender peeking?!



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