well, isn't this a kick in the groin?

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My personal experience is that most people don't have the faintest grip on the facts. My bible study two weeks ago had two delightful (and fully orthodox) women taking the "pull the plug" side--until we discussed the lack of a decent diagnosis, the husband's conflicted living situation, that it involved feeding and not "life support," and so forth. Both reversed course before the end of the evening.

I genuinely think few people understand the problems here. To my slight but delighted surprise, my mom, on other hand, has been spitting nails from the outset. She may be relatively liberal, but unfaithful husbands are among the lowest forms of life in her book.

Ok so it apparently NOT eggregious to refer to food and water as "artificial" support when it is for Terri Schiavo, and it is only following her wishes. But since a swallowing test has never been done and there are affidavits to the effect that she CAN swallow, why is ok to not let her sip from a spoon?

So does that mean that my beautiful 3 month old infant daughter should simply be ignored and not given anything because I her mother says so? Oh wait that would be abuse and neglect.

I know this may sound a little out there, but it came to me this morning that maybe we ought to pray that as Our Holy Mother nourished the infant Jesus as a baby, would she through her miraculous intervention give sustenance from her bosom to Terri. (It was an early morning dream I had and it sounded good at the time. I want to hope and have faith that those who seek to murder Terri cannot prevail and I'm out on a limb.)

If this sounds wacky . . . well, just do it. What can it hurt at this point?



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