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....last night. I love this, because I think it humanizes the child by giving the child a gender, rather than the usual bumper sticker referring to "It's a child". (Which may be gramatically correct, but sounds cold to me.) It also helps me highlight that feminists ought to be outraged--most sex-selection abortions world-wide target baby girls!


Oh, and the bumper sticker may be purchased from the Victory Won website: www.victorywon.com.


Actually, "It's a child" is grammatically incorrect. The child has a gender as the child is a human being, "it" should only be used when refering to inanimate objects because "it" is a neuter pronoun. "She's a child" or "He's a child" is correct because the child is animate and gendered. Although, in the English language "he" is the pronoun used if you're talking about an animate object with an uncertain gender. Still, "she" is more correct that "it" in this case.



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